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Here at FinTexas Fish Farm we take stocking your pond or lake very seriously. Taking care of you and your pond is what takes care of our business and our families.  It is with this commitment that FinTexas Fish Farm makes its recommendations for your pond or lake. Remember, we don’t sell fish we stock ponds…There is a big difference!

Why do we say, “We stock ponds?” Pond stocking is the art of building your fishing dreams while focusing on the facts of your water impoundments – and your budget. We want to build a relationship with you and earn your trust through performance. Fish salesmen try to talk you into buying all the fish you can stand every time their truck rolls into town.

1. Your Fishing Goals

2. Your Pond & Lake Characteristics

3. Your Budget

Your Fishing Goals

Before choosing what species of fish to stock you must first ask yourself what are your fish goals?  Are you trying to raise trophy Bass?  Huge catfish?  Or do you want a recreational pond for the grandkids and your friends with less “fishing” and more “catching” action?  The species stocking, harvest and feeding recommendations for each question above is drastically different and in most cases – mutually exclusive.

Your Pond & Lake Characteristics

Does the land you manage have one pond or many?  What size are the ponds?  Are there flowing rivers on the land?  Do you know what the water clarity, vegetation situation, pH, alkalinity and dissolved oxygen is in your ponds?  Creating a successful fishing lake or pond depends on how these questions are answered, what is the quality of your water, what species of fish are stocked, what harvest plan is followed and what vegetation control is exercised.

Your Budget

Do yourself a favor and be honest with yourself on this one.  Fishermen are optimistic by nature. As a Pond Manager are you an optimist as well?  In the Big Country region of Texas if you are a dry land farmer you plow, plant seed, fertilize and pray for rain.  If you are a Pond Manager in the Big Country region of Texas you do the same thing except that your seeds are fish and you pray for 3+ inch rains!

If you have adequate water, budget and follow a holistic management plan – you can achieve the fishing pond of your dreams!  Does that take rain, patience and cost some money?  Of course.  Your pond management toolkit expenses can include:

• Water

• Multiple Species Of Fish, Stocked Multiple Times

• Water Quality Testing And Improvement Measures

• Fertilization

• Fish Feed

• Vegetation Control

• Fish Harvest Plan & the Discipline to Follow It

• Electrofishing and Seining the Ponds

• Logging the length & weight catch records of fish you catch